Delta Kappa Gamma Song
Words by Annie Webb Blanton and Cora Martin
Music by Lillian Mohr Fox

Verse 1

Women teachers to the calling
Firmly rally, never falling,
Duty ne'er upon us palling.
Staunch, courageous we!
Loyalty and trust e'er heeding,
Mindful of our sisters needing,
Aid and guidance from those leading.
Helpful may we be!

To Delta Kappa Gamma
Faith we pledge forever!
Hand in hand our loyal band
Forward moving ever!
Onward! 'Tis our sisters need us,
Courage, faith, and honor lead us!
Wrongs in truth and justice heed us
Firmly shall we stand!

Verse 2

Guardians of the faith yet sleeping
For our sisters watch e'er keeping
Deeds of others now we're reaping.
We for others stand!
To us pioneers have given;
We return their gifts to Heaven;
Work for others is the leaven
That inspires our band!

Oh, Delta Kappa Gamma,
In thy folds we gather;
Unity and Liberty,
Shall be our watchword ever!
Education e'er we'll further,
Each is bound to each as brother,
With this faith in one another,
We shall win for aye!

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