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1.0     The name of this organization is the Zeta Zeta Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Chi State (California), Area III chartered on October 1, 1961.


2.0        The Purposes of Zeta Zeta Chapter shall be the seven Purposes of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and those of the Chi State Organization.
2.01     Zeta Zeta Chapter is dedicated to The Delta Kappa Gamma International Mission Statement which is to promote professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.


3.0        “Membership is in accordance with the Constitution, Article III and the International Standing Rule Section III. The chapter has full authority for the administration of membership.”
3.01     Active members shall be women who are employed as a professional educator or have retired from an educational position. Active members shall participate in the activities of the Society.
3.02     Membership is by invitation only.
3.03     An orientation of prospective members is provided prior to initiation through attendance at two meetings, and receiving documentation upon initiation.
3.04     The Initiation is held in the spring and/or fall and is planned and conducted by the Nominations/Ceremony committee.



4.0       Financial matters are in accordance with the Constitution, International Standing Rules and Chi State Bylaws.
4.01     Chapter dues are determined annually by the Executive Board at the August meeting.  A Zeta Zeta Member Grant is available to partially support a member who is experiencing financial hardships. 
4.02     Chapter assessments are for a special project and for one year only.
4.03     Chapter assessments shall be determined annually by Chapter vote at a regular Chapter meeting. (Reserve members do not pay assessments.)
4.04     Annual Chapter, State, and International dues and fees shall be collected by the Treasurer no later than October 31. This is done in harmony with the superior documents.
4.05     A budget is developed by the Treasurer, and overseen by the Finance Committee. The budget is approved by the membership at a fall meeting.
4.06     An audit will be conducted annually by the Finance Committee.
4.07     All chapter business checks require two signatures.  (Designated signers include President, Treasurer, and two appointed members.)



5.01     Zeta  Zeta Chapter  shall govern the conduct of business in a manner consistent with the Constitution, International Standing Rules, Chi State Bylaws, Chi State Standing Rules and the Zeta Zeta Chapter Rules.


6.0       Zeta Zeta Chapter elected officers are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary (all elected), and a Treasurer (selected by the Executive Board).  A Parliamentarian is appointed by the President.
6.01     Officers are elected in even-numbered years in April and serve for two years. Installation is in May or September.
6.02     The election and Installation is conducted by the Nominations/ Ceremony Committee.
6.03     Zeta Zeta Chapter Treasurer shall submit for annual audit financial review the accounts of the organization.
6.04     The duties of officers are described in the International Constitution and Handbook.
6.05     President may assign such other duties as needed to carry out the work of the chapter.
6.06     The President or designee shall attend meetings called by the Area Director.


7.0       Zeta Zeta has an Executive Board with elected officers. Voting members are elected by the membership. (See Article VI, 6.0). In some cases positions can be held by two people, creating a co-position.
7.01     Other members, such as Committee Chairpersons, may be added but are ex-officio members, without vote.
7.02     The Executive Board functions according to the Constitution, Article 7, Section C.


 8.0      Zeta Zeta Chapter has the following Committees: 
             Society Business Committees:
                      Finance  (There are at least four members and the Treasurer on this committee.)
                      Nominations/Ceremony (Installation & Initiation)
             Educational Services:
                      Scholarships & Awards  (Members), &  Tuition  Grants      
                      World Fellowship
             Program of Work
                      Personal Growth and Service
                     Professional Affairs/ Research
                     Music and Other Ceremonies (Ceremony of Remembrance)
8.01     Each committee shall have a Committee Chairperson, who serves as a liaison between the Executive Board and the Members at Large.



 9.0      Zeta Zeta has at least four meetings a year.
 9.01    Elections are in April every two years.
9.02     Installation/Initiation  is in May and/or fall.
9.03     Recruitment/Tuition Grants are awarded  in April.
9.04     The requirement for a quorum is 51%.



 10.0    An amendment of Zeta Zeta Rules shall be voted upon by members at a chapter meeting with a quorum present.
 10.01  51% voting in favor of proposed amendment shall be considered passing.


11.0     Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern proceedings in all cases not provided for in the International Constitution, the International Standing Rules, Chi State By-laws, and these Chapter Rules.
11.1     Past President serves as Parliamentarian for our chapter, and is invited to attend all chapter meetings and Executive Board Meetings.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is an honor society of over 150,000 key women educators in fourteen countries. The California Zeta Zeta chapter is in the San Francisco Bay Area and the members are from Contra Costa County.

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