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DKG ZETA ZETA Committee Descriptions and Responsibilities

Committee Chairs are in bold print following name of Committee

FINANCE: Sue Robinson, Peggy Ebersole - collects dues & fees, prepares budget, audit, submits taxes, writes checks, and keep records and assists with other financial items.

MEMBERSHIP: Sandy Madewell, Barbara Manley - recruitment, orientation, provides and collects forms for new members. Helps with ice breakers, name tags, initiations, and other membership related areas.

NOMINATIONS: Peggy Ebersole - recruits and presents slate of officers every two years for the next biennium.

CEREMONIES: Carmen Curtis - organizes and presents ceremonies for initiation, installation of officers, Founder’s Day and other special ceremonies. Stores artifacts and memorabilia in suitcase until needed.

COMMUNICATIONS: NEWSLETTER: Kit King - gathers information, produces newsletter, edits, and emails it to members and appropriate CA State contacts.

YEARBOOK & WEBSITE: Roseann Krane - gathers information, produces yearbook, prints and distributes to members. Keeps website certified and updated.

CORRESPONDENCE: Barbara Stumph, Terry Magnin - reads correspondence to members at meetings, distributes “What’s Happening” at meetings, types, & sends out to members, and writes thank you notes to guest speakers. Keep records of correspondence.

MINUTES: Helen Rees, Debbi Grilli, (Charlene McPherson - Typist) takes minutes for each chapter meeting, Executive Board, and Full Board meeting, and sends to president who will email out for reading before next meeting. Makes corrections as necessary. Stores copies in notebook or binder for posterity.

DINNER COORDINATOR: Denise Dolan, submits menu to newsletter, keeps track of each member’s order, collects checks and gives them to Treasurer for deposit, checks in members at meetings, and makes sure each person gets their menu choice.

SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS (Members), Carol Rowley, Diana Sawin - makes members aware of possible scholarship opportunities, helps select chapter awardees, and helps with paperwork for specific scholarships.

TUITION GRANTS: JoeAnne Doyle - Responsible for publicity, collecting paperwork, selecting most qualified and deserving grant winner(s), working with Treasurer to determine amount available, and notifying and inviting winner to speak at DKG dinner.

EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE: PROGRAMS: Donna Bell, Valerie Kellner - arrange speakers for at least four meetings during the year, submitting list to membership in the fall, and providing brief summary to newsletter for publicity purposes.

MUSIC & ARTS: Darla Tuning - responsible for Delta Kappa Gamma song, words, music, and helps with ceremonies as appropriate and/or requested. Promotes the arts as requested.

ANGEL GIFTS & HOMELESS BAGS: Marilyn Steichen - works with VESTIA to collect gifts for teens from members, and delivers them to VESTIA. Also provides lists to members and collect bags of food for homeless.

BACKPACKS: Charlene McPherson, Jeanette Fitch - distributes lists of backpack supplies, collects supplies at each meeting, assembles supplies in backpacks, and delivers them to VESTIA in late January.

2 BUCKS-A-BOOK: Carly Owens - brings donated books to each meeting in suitcase, collects money, turns in profits to Treasurer, and stores books between meetings.

T. H. A. T. PROGRAM Mary Anne Kolda - helps members turn in hours that they helped other teachers on line. Reports hours to chapter annually.

PROFESSIONAL LIBRARY: Charlene McPherson - purchases and publicizes books in our professional library. Brings books to each meeting, manages checkout system, and stores in between meetings.

GLOBAL AWARENESS: Georgia Moore - collects Change for Change at each meeting, totals amount and submits to Schools for Africa by April. Reports to chapter amount raised.

LEGISLATIVE/PROFESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Karen Yee - reports on legislative or professional affairs that would interest and/or affect education.

HOSPITALITY: Bobbie Mortensen - provides surprise boxes for each member at dinner meetings, sells raffle tickets, and collects money to turn in to Treasurer.

HISTORIAN: Barbara Stumph - - collects pictures, newsletters, and any newspaper articles relating to members…and keeps album up to date. Stores albums to bring to Founders Day and the final meeting of the year. Takes photos to give to newsletter editor.

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